MGN Family Foundation

Mission Statement

The MGN Family Foundation's goals are to award grants based not only on need but on excellence of performance in the fields of:

Health Care: Hospitals with Emphasis on Patient Care and Research; underprivileged children

Ex: Sloan Kettering

Education: The Foundation's goal is to have an impact on excellent in the fields of education i.e. Schools, Colleges and Universities.

Ex: The Princeton Day School is a striking example of excellence in education

Assisting Military Personnel and their Families:

Ex: Veterans try out kayaks at Renewal Coalition purchased with a grant from the MGN Family Foundation

Ex: Marcia Nappi, President of the MGN Family Foundation, serves Wounded Warriors and their families as she volunteers with Renewal Coalition

Book Donation to Tilganga Institute of Ophthalmology Inspires Exploration

Marcia Nappi
Himalayan Cataract Project friend and supporter Marcia Nappi recently donated more than 80 mountaineering books to the Tilganga Institute of Ophthalmology’s library. Marcia began her collection with Annapurna by Maurice Herzog, a book that changed her life. After collecting mountaineering and expedition books for more than five decades, Marcia wanted to pass along her treasured collection, and through a meeting with HCP CEO Job Heintz, she found the perfect fit. The book collection spans from the 19th century to present day. A longtime supporter, Marcia holds HCP dear to her heart and is excited that mountaineers and explorers passing through the hospital will be able to check out her books. In Marcia’s words, this has "started a whole new chapter in my life."

HCP CEO Job Heintz with Marcia’s books at Tilganga


After eight years the MGN Family Foundation has grown to assist a wide range of charities every year; many hundreds of grants have been awarded to a large number of charities ranging from: helping children to The Himalayan Eye Care Foundation, the Shelburne Museum, St Ann's Place, Alzheimer’s care, dental care for North Carolina children, The Gallman Foundation in Kenya and to the

Craftsbury Public Library

In 2013 we are changing our emphasis, hoping to have a greater impact by granting fewer recipients larger amounts of funding. By focusing on fewer organizations we believe we can have a broader effect; a stronger influence on more people, thereby promoting even finer education and medical excellence in various capacities. Some examples include:

Shelburne Farms: For their excellence in worldwide sustainable agriculture and husbandry through projects for children and adult education

The Himalayan Cataract Project: they have spread their mission to bring sight to those from Tibet to Ghana in Africa, achieving its goals to restore sight to all who need help with this affliction. This picture by Ace Kavale is of a post-operative patient in Phaplu, Nepal

American Boy Choir of Pinceton, New Jersey

Africa Mercy Ship

This Foundation is dedicated to the memory of my parents Friedrich W. Goetze and Margie G Godsey who served as examples of excellence, dedication and charitable giving all my life. It is in this spirit, with the joy of giving to others, that our mission is to leave the world slightly better than we found it.


Marcia Nappi


Robert Nappi

Board of Directors

Misty Leonard
Jeremy W Leonard
Mark Langan, Esq.
Kyle Smith
Mackenzie Leonard
Katherine Leonard

Submission Deadline: April 15

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